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Discover exactly when you will have all your debts paid
Find out how much money you will save in interest
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This report is given to you free when you complete your debt-elimination consultation. It details how much interest money you will save and the exact date you will be debt free!
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What this program is
This is a program proven by more than 80,000 clients to quickly eliminate debt
This is a proven method to free up funds to create wealth
This is proven to work regardless of your credit rating, and may even improve your credit score
What this program is not
This is not a bi-weekly payment program
This is not a requirement for more income or an increase to your current monthly budget
This is not a mortgage refinance, modification, alteration, or any other change to your mortgage
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can't I just do this myself by making extra payments?
Not really. This program does not just tell you where to apply extra money. It's a mathematically precise system that considers your entire financial picture and tells you exactly which debts to pay, when, and how much. And it is constantly updating, like a financial GPS. Trying to do it yourself is like printing out a map one time.
Isn't this all too good to be true?
We get that question a lot. Yes, it is good. And, it is true. And we guarantee it. We have over 80,000 clients who have eliminated over 2.2 billion dollars in debt. It's not magic. It's math.
Do I need to add more money to my budget?
No. The program can deliver the promised results with your current budget.
Do you need my social security number, bank account numbers, credit score or other sensitive personal information?
Nope. We think all those things are safer staying with you.
My mortgage interest rate is already low. Do I need this?
Absolutely! Most people do not realize that even with a low interest rate, the bank still takes most of its interest up front, hoping you will sell your home and move before you really starting to pay off the principal. Our program flips that system on its head and gives the advantage back to you.
Is this a bi-weekly payment program or mortgage refinance?
No. It is a complete system to pay off all your debts, not just your mortgage, faster than you ever thought possible.
What if I have bad credit?
Our system works regardless of your credit rating. And as you make payments and eliminate your debt, your credit rating will probably improve.
Do I need to be current on my debts?
No. But you do need enough income in your current budget to pay all of your monthly debts.
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